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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions

How does Shrink Me! Height Reduction work?

This one of a kind formula binds and inhibits the absorption of natural growth hormones (GH), which is a substance made by the pituitary gland that controls your body's growth. Shrink Me! Height Reduction Supplements work to safely reduce the excess muscle and joint exacerbation, resulting in gradual height reduction over time.

How soon can I see results?

Next to the remarkable science of Shrink Me! products, the main key ingredient is patience. Most clients see and feel results within the first cycle (45-60 days of use). Some clients see results over longer periods of time, but what is really important is all clients will see results! Slight at first, it is imperative to take your height measurements every 30-45 days. Please keep in mind results will vary depending on height, age, diet, and other physical traits.

Is there a maximum height decrease?

The taller you are, the more height you will decrease while taking the supplements. Clinical trials showed the maximum height reduction was 6 inches. The average client reduces 1.5”-2” in height, which is a very significant amount of reduction for anyone.

Will my hands and feet shrink?

There is a possibility hands and feet will shrink minimally, however, your body remains the same shape and maintains your original proportions prior to taking the Shrink Me! products. The only exception is if you have a rigorous daily exercise routine, such as bodybuilding. There have been reports of clients with shoe size shrinkage up to 1/2 shoe size.

Can I use the Height Reduction Supplements and the Height Reduction Patch together?

Yes, you can take the supplements (as directed) and use the patch. During clinical trials, using them simultaneously helped speed results by 2-3 weeks in comparison with only using one product.

How long does shipping take?

Domestic (U.S.A.) shipping typically takes 3-7 business days. International shipping can take 5-10 business days. We have conducted special e-mail promotions. During these promotions, shipping can take longer.

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