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Height Reduction

Height Reduction


Clients can lose anywhere from 0.5”-4+” inches in height. The average height loss is typically 1”-2”inches. Each bottle of Shrink Me! Height Reduction Supplements are a 30 day supply. Use as directed. *This product not intended for use by minors.


Active Ingredients: Phytate Seed (Anti-nutrient) Potassium Caffeine Anhydrous (waterless seed form)


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: How does it work? It binds and inhibits the absorption of growth hormones while safely reducing the excess muscle and joints, resulting in gradual height reduction. Q: How soon can I see results? A: Most clients see and feel results within the first cycle (30-45 days). Slight at first, it is imperative to take your height measurements every 30 days. Q: Is there a maximum height decrease? A: The taller you are, the more height you will decrease while taking the supplement. It is not possible to decrease more than 5”-6”. The average client reduces 1.5”-3” in height.


    30 Capsules in each bottle

    Made in USA

    Do not exceed one capsule daily.


    We do not offer returns on packages that have been marked as Delivered by USPS. If your package does not arrive due to an unexpected delay with the courier, we can ship you another. We do not cancel orders that have been issued tracking information.


    We ship domestically and internationally. U.S. orders can expect to arrive within 5-7 days. Processing typically takes 1-2 business days. You will receive automated tracking information when your order is processed. We ship with USPS, therefore packages do not update during Sundays or holidays.

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